Our Great Hopes Part 3 – The Second Coming of Christ

We have been encouraged by the previous four great hopes:  1.)  Eternal Life  2.)  Being with Jesus in a Special Place He Has Prepared for Us.  3.)  The Resurrection of Christ  4.)  The Rapture of the Church.  Today, our #5.)  great hope is the Second Coming of Jesus.  The second coming isn’t a single event, but a parade of several events all rolled into one.  It’s a parade I would liken to unto “Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade”.  They have envisioned & planned, invited the appropriate people, have a staging area, have a beginning place, many entrants of bands, floats, & special people, with the special guest at the very end.  Then, the holidays have begun, and we celebrate the season of Christmas.  Sometimes, their parade seems a bit over the top with all that is in it and going on around it.  This parade of the second coming feels almost like that.  It’s so amazing and glorious, it seems overwhelming, yet, it’s all important! Matthew 24:27, 29-35, 39; 25:31; Revelation 19: 1-10; 11-21:27


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