Sermons by Tony Nichols

Are We Really Flying?

This account from Jesus will help us understand that Jesus is looking for fruit; fruit that remains. If we are those who go through the motions of empty religion and shallow performance, He will reject us. What is it that Jesus is desiring in our lives?

The Rolling Away Place | Part 2

We looked last time at the fact that Israel had lost their identity in God. He was helping them recapture it before they moved into all that He had planned for them. He often provides miracles of all shapes and sizes for us to carry out His will, which we will touch on this week’s…

Something Jesus Wants

As we delve into this message, there are perhaps a great number of things we could say Jesus wants. This particular teaching will focus on Jesus’ desire that we share testimonies of His faithfulness and the gospel with others around us. II Kings 7:1-16

Tools For Restoration

As we come to know Jesus and receive His new life, God wants to show us how to shed the past, be restored to His intentions, and bring His kingdom to bear here where we live. This teaching will give us the right tools to accomplish His work. Scripture: Isaiah 58:1-14