The Repeated Days Of Noah: How To Transform a City and Region

How To Transform a City and Region

Acts 19:1-12, 20 [Synopsis of 13-19, 21-41]

We have studied why wickedness has greatly increased and have biblically defined out enemy.  We began to see the parallels of these spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places Paul was identifying in Ephesus 6:12 to the cultural manifestations we are experiencing in these current times.  We are living in the repeated days of Noah mentioned in Matthew 24:37-39.  We see indifference/business as usual living, a willful intent to practice evil of all kinds, and a pervasive ignorance of what the bible says and teaches.  It was very much the same in the first century as Paul began to go to the Gentiles and share the gospel and Christ’s kingdom.


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