Surrendured And Useful To God

I Kings 17:1-24

Introduction: Each born-again person is given gifts and is called to surrender and become useful to God. As we become disciples; we discover who we are in Christ, what He has designed us to do, and how to mature into usefulness for Him. We shall examine a section of Elijah the Prophet’s life and see God’s process to prepare him for delivering a nation from wickedness. After the context of this passage of scripture, we will make some preset-day applications for us and our preset times.

Transition: Our nation is paralleling much of what Israel and Judah were doing in the time of Elijah. They forsook God and replaced Him with idols and other gods. This resulted in everyone becoming their own god and doing what they decided was right in their own eyes. The result was government overreach, immorality and perversion, and violence. How do we partner with God to turn around what is happening here in these United States of America? We focus first individually, in our marriages and homes, in the ecclesia, and then here in Northwest Arkansas.


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