Functioning As The Ekklesia Of Christ

Matthew 16:13-19; Ephesians 1:21-23; I Timothy 3:15

What was Jesus’ idea of a functioning church? The Ekklesia is a Greek word with the historical meaning of a gathering of mature or experienced people who have governing authority. It’s not about rebelling against established governments. It’s about ruling first in the spiritual realm because we are fighting against a fallen human element and against
demonic ideology. Then we share the gospel and kingdom culture, influence people, serve alongside, and eventually establish God’s government to rule the earth. This will all come to a climax with a great battle between Satan and Jesus. It grows, continues, and culminates when Jesus returns in total victory to set up His millennial kingdom. What we do know will transfer into the coming kingdom then.


  1. Hello to all my spiritual friends there at Church Alive!
    Thank you for today’s message Tony. It’s much needed. There’s many people in denial about the reality of His word because it’s not socially or politically acceptable, or denial out of the fear that the Bible is real. Society is paying a heavy price because of short term thinking. The price beyond here is easy to ignore because people don’t accept that there is an eternity of our own choosing. We lay our own groundwork for our own reward or our own penalty. And you’re so right about going after the demonic issues driving the people, instead of focusing on the individual person. It makes me sad and angry at the same time how people are more concerned with passive, shallow, and political correctness than acknowledge God’s word. It’s so heartwarming to hear your words because they’re His truth. God bless you and everyone there!

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