Sermons from December 2019

Do You Know

Today’s message is about two very important questions.  II Corinthians 13:5 challenges us to examine ourselves and see where we are in our faith.  We will sharpen our focus and measure our growth without condemnation.  Then, we will begin to set the course for 2020 personally, as a family, and a church.  The best is…

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Years ago I went to Russia and brought home Matryoshka Dolls to each of my daughters.  These dolls are intricately painted and shaped like an egg.  As you open one, another slightly smaller appears.  As you open that one, another appears until you have 9-10 Matryoshka Dolls.  It is the gift that keeps on giving,…

Powerful Faith

As a continuation of last week’s teaching about hearing the Lord’s voice, we shall discover the relationship between hearing and knowing God’s will, praying and acting in faith, seeing great obstacles removed, followed by amazing breakthroughs!  Jesus modeled this kind of faith and challenged His disciples to walk in the same fashion.