Sermons from November 2019

Overcoming Hardness of Heart Part #2

We all find ourselves growing a little cold and hard in our daily faith.  It steals our joy and sense of effectiveness in the Christian walk.  What are some biblical and practical cures to overcome hardheartedness?  Today’s teaching will help us overcome and restore the joy of our salvation.

Overcoming Hardness of Heart

Perhaps all of us have suffered from developing a hard heart.  We find ourselves slowly being confronted with life pressures and circumstances.  We begin to become calloused and lack spiritual sensitivity, resulting in a loss of joy and desire.  These next two teachings define the causes of hardheartedness and suggest some biblical and practical cures…

Expressions of Spiritual Maturity

The world is filled with bored people living dissatisfied lives. They seem to lack any sense of reality or purpose.  Discovering God’s purpose for his church, individual purpose, and giftings in the church, and a contributing lifestyle to their communities is the answer.  As we grow up in Christ, how do we discover, embrace, and…