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We all are facing the same difficulties because of COVID-19.  We are all wearing masks, trying to find basic items at the store, and even worse, not being able to hug or wrestle with our grandkids. Also, we are facing specific problems.  These can be individual problems, family issues, or issues in the church body. Patty and I have had a specific trial getting our house sold. Two buyers could not gather the proper finances (one a few days before closing). Also, we leased an apartment in Rogers, believing the closing would occur. With the pandemic, many were interested in the house but were hesitant to schedule a showing. The Lord was faithful (as He always is) by telling us “I’m moving” even when nothing was materializing. Concerned with mortgage and rent payments, His word was “Just trust Me”.  At this moment we have a mutually accepted agreement to close in June.

While sitting in the car in front of the apartment office the other day, the Lord said, “This all is for conditioning. This is not the big game, but rather preparation for what is to come.” IThess. 5:1-11 tells us that the day of Lord will be in a time of “peace and safety” “like a thief in the night”. He will return, not in the time of fear and worry, but when everything is supposedly okay. We are being conditioned for anticipation of that day, whenever it is. Though we should accept our conditioning, not with a fatalistic attitude, but with the attitude that we will win.

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  1. I am thankful for the live stream as I am able to worship again through the week with the worship team and watch again the message and get even more from the word that was taught. I am so excited about what God is doing at Church Alive and Thankful for Pastors Tony and Missha
    who make place for the congregation to exercise their gifts and callings. They truly want to build God’s kingdom, and that is so refreshing!

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