Sermons from August 2023

Walk By The Spirit Part II

We simply have two options that define how we live our lives. We either live by the source and power of the “flesh” or we learn and grow into living by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us who are believers. Let’s define flesh and Spirit. Then, let’s discover how to live by the Spirit…

Walk By The Spirit part I

Galatians 5:16-26 We are called to learn to walk by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us as Christians and not give in to and walk in the flesh of our past.  In this practical teaching, we will define the biblical concepts of flesh and spirit.  Then, we will learn how to walk in the Spirit…

Finding Your Purpose

Acts 26:13-19 Why did God choose you? Why did He want you here, at this time, with these people? Jesus always appears for a purpose that is much bigger than our own salvation. The two greatest days in a person’s life? The day they were born. The day they discover why!