Purpose Quest Seminar

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Do you know your purpose? Are you sure you are doing what God created you to do? Every day, you face crucial decisions concerning where to invest your time and energy, decisions that make the difference between clarity and confusion, order and chaos.

Since 1991 as president of PurposeQuest International, John Stanko has been at the forefront of the purpose revolution that is sweeping the world and church. He has written many books on the topic, including Life Is a Goldmine: Can You Dig It?, I Wrote This Book On Purpose So You Can Know Yours, So Many Leaders: So Little Leadership, and Unlocking the Power of Your Purpose. His weekly email, The Monday Memo, is read by thousands the world over and his weekly online Bible studies and social media presence are practical devotional tools for many.

John will be in the Bentonville, Arkansas area on Saturday, February 3rd for a morning purpose seminar at Church Alive located at 808 SW 14th St. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring clarity to your purpose and order to your world, and bring others along to help them do the same. There will be plenty of time to interact and for questions and answers to ensure you go home with life purpose clarity. 

The cost for the seminar is $25 per person. This includes book, CD, and training materials.

To learn more about John Stanko and his work, go to www.purposequest.com.


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