Church Picnic

Bring Your Own Picnic”

For location information – email Paige Smith @

Come dressed for the picnic if you would like that Sunday. Complete meal for your family to include ice, drinks, paper products, plasticware. Be sure to bring your own folding chair, blanket, and any game(s) that you would like to play. We are looking for someone to bring Corn Hole and Horseshoes specifically. We also need one more grill if someone has one, they can bring. There is one grill there that will be available. All charcoal and lighter fluid provided.

If you need assistance in providing the picnic for you or your family, please reach out to Paige and we will make sure to take care of your needs. We want you all there!!

A spring fed creek to play in!

The kids can play in it but must be accompanied by a parent. Absolutely NO playing on the rocks of the waterfall!! If your children are going to play in the creek you may want to bring a change of clothes and towels for you family.


We will have baptisms that day! Please be sure to bring a change a clothes and towel. The water is very cold!


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