Sermons from September 2019

The Jesus Culture

Matthew 4:12-25 & Luke 4:13-19 As Jesus launched His public ministry, He established a culture.  Culture s defined as the ideas, beliefs, customs, and expectations of a people regarding their social practices and lifestyles.  This teaching will encapsulate the specifics of the culture Jesus introduced as He began to teach an demonstrate the Kingdom of…

Imitating Jesus’ Ministry

The message is “Imitating Jesus’ Ministry” Matthew 3:1-2 and 4:1-25.  The paragraph of description is “Jesus had a very intentional method as to how He did His ministry.  We will discover His process of preparation and how He launched into public ministry.  The scripture proclaims, “As He was in this world, so also are we.” …

God Is Good, and Scripture is Important

We hope you enjoy hearing from our guest speaker, Pastor Scott Smith!  He’s very knowledgeable.  Pastor Scott is a man of God that pulls no punches, but also very enjoyable to listen to and learn from.  Listen to the very end for a special song, “We raise a hallelujah,” by his wife Cheryl and Phil. 

Kingdom Living In Our Present Future

The truth of God established in His word is forever settled in heaven and given us for our instruction here on earth.  The devil and the world system constantly bombards us to comprise what the Bible teaches and calls us to accept trends and practices the Bible forbids as appropriate for today.  We will examine…

Due to COVID-19, masks are required to enter the building.

We will be having one Sunday morning service, Sundays at 10am.