I Wouldn’t Have Done It That Way

Today’s teaching is about a very unlikely person that Jesus brought to a saving relationship with Himself, called, equipped, and used to reach the Gentile world with the gospel.  He is, at first glance, the most unlikely candidate for being used mightily by the Lord.  Jesus captured Paul’s passion and transformed into a fruitful instrument. …

powerful praying moms

As you listen to this week’s teaching, you will first encounter 4 ladies sharing about the joys and challenges of being a mom.  They are each unique as they speak from one being a biological mom, one is an adoptive mom, one is a mother who married into an existing family with a child and…

Standing before the reward throne of christ

What we believe determines our salvation.  How we live determines the rewards we will receive from Jesus.  As you listen to this message, you will understand what the Lord sees as valuable and worth rewarding for eternity.  We will get a perspective on growing to spiritual maturity and living for what is truly important.

Recognizing Who is Ready

People are searching for meaning and fulfillment in the world today.  They become enamored and absorbed in things that are a distraction, but don’t touch the deepest needs in their hearts.  After seasons of failure, frustration, and emptiness, they become more open to listen to the gospel.  Sadly, some in the church today have only…

Stand Up to be a christian

A temptation exists to be a quiet or secret Christian.  We know and love Jesus personally, but we find it difficult to represent Him publicaly.  Where does the courage come from to be a witness?  How might others respond?  Can we overcome fear and be more effective witness?